2024 MPRE Prep Course Schedule

If you are preparing for the national MPRE in 2024, the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs (AAA-CPA) student membership committee and Rigos Primer Series Professional Publications invite law students to try our free MPRE prep books and live on-line learning coverage lecture.

Our review preparation course date is scheduled 3-4 weeks before the actual MPRE 2024 exams.  This provides you ample time to work through our book and our 366 MPRE questions.  Our MPRE program covers all you need to achieve a high score on the MPRE. 

To participate in our national Free MPRE class on July 20, 2024 and receive our complimentary MPRE book, register at July Study Group: MPRE Review (attorney-cpa.com).  To sit for the actual MPRE you must register with NCBE and their application deadlines for 2024 are January 25, June 12, and September 18.

To assure passing we recommend dedicating a minimum 30 to 40-hour planned-out serious study effort.  You must adequately understand the details of the ABA's controlling disciplinary rules which the MPRE tests.  You should also work through sufficient multiple-choice questions and answers in our book will familiarize you with how the exam tests the individual ethical rules.  Best is to work them all; 30% of candidates do not pass the MPRE on their first attempt.

The MPRE poses a greater challenge than most law school courses; do not underestimate the required effort.  Our 5-hour overview lecture guides you through the material building a strong MPRE exam prep foundation.  Prudent law students and practicing lawyers subsequently go back through the book details to create their own chapter-by-chapter outlines using our software template.  They also usually work through most of the 350 questions and answer rationales in our books.  Our final practice exam is right at the current MPRE level of difficulty.  

                                                                           2024 SCHEDULE

REGISTRATION DEADLINE          Jan. 25               June 12            Sept. 18

 CLASS LECTURE DATE               Feb. 24                July 20              Oct. 5

MPRE TEST DATE                     Mar. 26 or 27     Aug. 13 or 14    Nov. 7 or 8

                                        Eastern      Central      Mountain      Pacific
Start                                12:00 pm   11:00 am    10:00 am     9:00 am


"I scored 130 on the MPRE and found all aspects of the Rigos MPRE course excellent. Based upon my friends’ negative experience with other national review courses, this seems to be the best bar exam study system out there. I will go with Rigos for my full bar exam next year."

Erin Steiner, Ohio State Law School

"I scored 131 on the MPRE using Rigos.  I found the exam easy after studying the text and working through all their 360+ questions and full answer rationales.  The acronyms helped a lot to memorize tested elements. The concise exam focused text was excellent.  The question maps showed me exactly how the examiners test the ethical issues.  Rigos is a great ethical resource and I recommend it to law students without qualification."

Noah Patton, Duncan School of Law 

"The Rigos concise text, Magic Memory Outlines, Question Maps, Acronyms, and tons of practice questions worked well enough for me to score 120 on the MPRE. Thanks for the great bar exam prep tool!"

Bob Pittman, University of Washington Law School

"Your MPRE book helped me score 121 on my exam.  This was far higher than my friends that used other national review sources.  It was excellent!  Thanks."

Monica Pierce, UCLA School of Law

Our material including acronyms, question maps, and over 366 questions with full answer rationales are highly effective for mastering the MPRE substance and learning exactly how it is tested by NCBE.  This is the foundation elements of our efficient, effective Rigos focused UBE LOPR Learning System

  • Learn the law,
  • Outline the law,
  • Practice working 366 related exam-like questions from our Question Maps,
  • and final Review and memorization of your own summary Magic Memory Outlines.

Our free 5-hour class review sessions national broadcast is given three times a year on-line for law students and AAA-CPA members seeking ethics CLE credits. These concise focused lectures lead the student through the six text chapters in our 2024 edition MPRE section of the UBE, with two short breaks built-in.

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