What we do

Rigos Professional Education Programs is a leading international provider of programs designed to prepare candidates to pass professional legal and accounting licensing examinations such as the BAR and CPA exams. We also offer professional ethics courses for lawyers, CPAs, CMAs and business enterprises. Our programs offer live classes in selected cities, in-house workshops, self-study video offerings, and interactive on-line delivery modes.

Our review programs help make the difference between passing and failing the exams. We focus on the "hot examination topics" and work through a helpful "solution approach" during the class. The Rigos Primer Series® is the most comprehensive condensation of CPA and BAR review exam topics available. Our course will fill in the weak areas and provide you with memory ladders, hundreds of acronyms, and solution approaches.

We also offer CLE and CPE classes covering professional ethics, including state-specific ethics for lawyers and CPAs.  Our High Sensitivity Advanced Topics course covering Conflicts of Interest, Independence, Integrity, Objectivity, and Fiduciary Duty is popular as an advanced CPE course.  We partner with professional associations like the Washington and Oregon Societies of CPAs and the American Association of Attorney-CPAs to provide ethics courses to their members.

Popular Rigos Review Books