History of School

This professional education prep school was founded in 1980 by Jim Rigos, CPA, CMA, CFM, J.D. (law), LL.M. (tax) when he graduated from Boston University Law School. When Rigos Review opened a "live-instruction" prep class in Seattle, there were 12 students in our first class.

This novel feature - experienced teachers lecturing while working exam questions in their specialty areas - learning format was more familiar to accounting and law school students, the classes were more exciting, the students worked harder and therefore more of the Rigos students passed. The word spread and the student numbers grew.

In 1992, we introduced computerized question and answer drill software for students in our courses to complement our written text books. Magic Memory Outline software templates followed. In 1995, we opened a Bar review course for recent law school graduates. In 2010 we entered into a distribution agreement with Amazon. The key to this growth is student satisfaction and our relentless commitment to continual quality improvement.

Over 150,000 professionals have completed the Rigos programs in the past 40 years.   If you are a serious accounting, finance, or law student and want a proven structure to maximize your certificate or license preparation, try us out; you will not be sorry.

We have also developed professional CPE and CLE ethics courses that lawyers and CPAs may use to satisfy their continuing education requirements.

 See our in-house workshops or self-study sites for further information.

Our Vision and Mission Statement


  • To educate a few good students who will commit to preparation for exam excellence
  • To accomplish their personal aspirations and professional goals
  • To improve their enterprises' competitive position, and
  • To, as we can in professional education, change the world.


For 40 years our affiliated schools have promoted a guiding philosophy of intellectual excellence. We have learned that a tightly structured program combining the highest quality material with exciting professorial teachers will produce the highest pass-rate and student satisfaction. Our success is only as strong as the success of the students who have just completed our course.

The Rigos courses are offered internationally through a group of affiliated universities, schools and professionals. This system combines high-quality centralized editorial direction with local hands-on owners who direct and teach the classes. 

Popular Rigos UBE Review Books