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Rigos Offerings and Course Registration

Bar - Books Only
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All UBE Books - MBE, MEE, MPT, MPRE ($400.00)
MBE Volumes 1 & 2 plus MEE ($250.00)
Objective Bar Exam (MBE) 2 Volumes ($199.95)
Performance Exam (MPT) Text ($89.95)
Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) Text ($49.95)
Subjective Essay Exam (MEE) Text ($89.95)
UBE Books and Law School Hornbooks - All 12 books ($625)
Bar - Law School Special for "Dynamic Dozen"
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Dynamic Dozen ($600)
Bar - Law Student Special
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MBE 1 and 2, and MEE Books ($250)
Bar - Primer Series Law School Hornbooks
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All Seven (7) Hornbooks ($229.50)
Civil Procedure ($34.50)
Constitutional Law ($34.50)
Contracts ($34.50)
Criminal Law and Procedure ($34.50)
Evidence ($34.50)
Property ($34.50)
Torts (34.50)
Bar - UBE Full Comprehensive NCBE Review Course Add-on Options
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All Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Parts Course including all features below ($2,495)
Books For Course Only - Full Set ($400)
Detailed Learning Lectures ($600)
Full Writing Program ($900)
MBE and MEE Software ($200)
MBE Secret Weapon Training ($100)
Minimum Writing Program ($300)
Practice Exams ($400)
Unlimited FAQ, student forum, and Help Desk Mentoring ($200)
CMA Products
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CMA Both Parts - Parts 1-2 ($180)
CMA Part 1 Financial Planning, Performance, and Control ($97)
CMA Part 2 Financial Decision Making ($97)
CPA Accounting Ethics Products
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Alaska CPA Ethics ($116)
California Regulatory Ethics ($116)
Ethics for CPAs and CMAs in Business and Industry ($116)
High Sensitivity Advanced Topics ($116)
IMA Ethics for CMAs and CFMs ($49)
Oregon CPA Regulatory Update ($165)
Washington State CPA Ethics ($116)
CPA Products
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Self-Study: All Parts CPA ($360)
Self-Study: Audit and Attestation ($97)
Self-Study: Business Environment and Concepts ($97)
Self-Study: Financial Accounting Questions and Answers Only ($59)
Self-Study: Financial Accounting Text Only ($59)
Self-Study: Regulation Questions and Answers Only ($59)
Self-Study: Regulation Text Only ($59)
FREE: Acronyms and Mnemonics
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Acronyms and Mnemonics ($FREE)
FREE: Newsletters
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Bar Newsletter ($FREE)
IMA Ethics
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CMA-CFM Ethics ($49)
Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)
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Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) Text ($49.95)

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