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What Are CMA Review Workshops?

Our in-house educational programs are called "workshops" rather than "seminars." This is a reflection of the interactive nature of the classes. Workshop participants work numerous questions in class and we encourage verbal contributions to the learning process. This factor, the high caliber of instructors, and comprehensive material are why these workshops are so highly rated (average of 4.6 out of 5.0). 96% of the attendees indicated they would attend another in-house workshop conducted by Rigos if their company scheduled one.

Rigos offers a variety of in-house workshops for accounting and finance staff conducted at your facility. Our instructors are highly-rated, experienced teachers. Each workshop can be tailor-made to fit the needs of your organization.

  • Our in-house CMA workshops prepare your staff to pass professional examinations. They also involve training to promote better management decisions on the job. Corporations have discovered the value-added, skill-building benefits this education has on their accounting and finance staffs.
  • CPA Loss Control workshops are designed to help reduce potential legal liability in a CPA firm. You will learn about bad clients, early warning signs, red flags and danger signals. You will also study protective forms and draft recommended contract language.
  • Ethics for Corporate America is our newest offering. This workshop teaches how to develop a Code of Ethics. Workshop attendees develop a sensitivity for corporate ethical dilemmas through models, case studies and videos.

We have presented a variety of in-house workshops focused directly on the needs of the accounting and finance professionals. Over 2,000 accountants and finance personnel have attended our in-house workshops.

  • Intermediate course level; advance preparation is not required and there are no prerequisites.
  • All courses feature inter-active, participatory, question-and-answer class format.
  • Our in-house workshops have been very well received.

Rigos in-house workshops have been sponsored by IBM, Boeing, Nike, Applied Materials, Pacific Gas and Electric, Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, Premera Blue Cross, J. H. Cohn, CPAs, Nestle's Beverage, Pacific Bell and Western Bell. For pricing and scheduling information, contact Jim Rigos by e-mail at or at (206) 624-0716.            

Last updated on 2/22/2017 12:20:04 PM