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The Rigos full course includes all the below features.


Full Set of Bar Books                            $400

A complete set of the Rigos UBE books which includes the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) in two volumes, the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE), the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE).  This is a comprehensive review text of all the material covered on the UBE examinations.


Many students find our UBE books alone a sufficient and adequate resource without more.  Others conclude they want extra resources to assist in their preparation.  The most popular "add-on" Rigos services include:


Tabs for Books - Per Book                     $25


Software (Magic Memory Outlines and Make Your Own Exam)              $200

MBE software that allows you to drill yourself on the multiple-choice questions and also to build exams using the Make Your Own Exam feature.  The software also contains the Rigos Magic Memory Outline Word templates that help you create your own outline of the textual coverage.


Detailed Learning Sessions                  $600

We feature audio lectures covering each of the MBE and MEE subjects that walk you through the textual material and related learning questions.  We recommend you read the book coverage while listening to the lecture.  The instruction highlights the most important topics and focuses your attention on the areas that you need to know to pass the exams.


Minimum Writing Program  (2 MEE Essays and 1 MPT Task)         $300

You receive 2 MEE essays from the essay subjects of your choice and one MPT task to complete.  You upload your essay and task answers to our grading team for review and receive their analysis and feedback on each.  This is a minimum writing assessment, but does give you valuable feedback at a reasonable price.


Full Writing Program (16 MEE Essays and 3 MPT Tasks Included)    $900

In the full writing program you receive all 16 MEE essays and 3 MPT tasks covering all the exam subjects.  All essays and MPTs are uploaded to our grading team for review and analysis.  Their feedback goes to form, substance, and presentation, and our team will suggest presentation and substantive improvements that will be helpful in your UBE success.  This service will improve your writing skills necessary to score high on the MEE and MPT questions.


4-Full Practice Exam Sets                    $400

The practice exams are useful as a gauge of how well prepared you are for the actual exams.  Included are MBE multiple-choice questions, MEE style essays, and MPT tasks to complete.  The multiple-choice questions are self-graded with our detailed all-alternatives rationales.  The essays and tasks are submitted to our grading team for review.  The grading team sends back their analysis of your exam essays and tasks with improvement and presentation suggestions, so you get feedback and a detailed critique of each.

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