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Rigos Performance Task Writing Course

Rigos Writing Program - We offer a special Performance Task Writing Course service that includes:

  • Submit your performance task answers electronically to our grading team who are recent Rigos students and performed well themselves in the Rigos bar review performance task answer program.
  • We will grade your task work product, provide a detailed grading guide, and a preferable model sample answer. Included are specific tips and suggestions with insight from a task grader's perspective.
  • Our advice covers both how you can improve both your substantive answer and presentation task skills. Included is an assessment-score of your answer issue contents, analytical ability expression, and overall organization presentation display.
  • You can correct and resubmit your improved task answer for a final review. By incorporating our suggestions, you concentrate on learning your omissions. This is the technique that turns a good answer into a great answer.
  • The second task is to be completed after you receive the benefit of the grader's feedback on your first task.
  • Telephone one-on-one student grader discussion sessions are scheduled after the student has completed two task questions. At this point, we have sufficient information to see trends and further focus on improving your individual Performance task writing style and analytical skills.

We have picked tasks that have a high similarity to the actual NCBE task questions.  Our task writing program could add up to 10% to your scores.

To register for our online Performance Task grading, please click on Join Today and select your grading service under Bar - NCBE Uniform Exam Products.

Last updated on 8/30/2011 12:35:45 PM