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Student Testimonials


“I can confidently say --- and I do say to my current law school friends – that Rigos is hands down the best bar prep course.  I felt confident going in, confident, during, and confident coming out of the exam.  There were still some nerves during the long wait for my results, but in the end I knew that I had probably passed.  I have some friends who are very smart people who nonetheless did not pass after preparing with BarBri.  There really is a difference between the two courses. - Jeremy Lehman, Seattle University School of Lawersity 
“The Rigos Seamless Process™ worked perfectly.  The materials were tailored for the bar exam and the Magic Memory Outlines™ helped cement the information in my head.  The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful.  I would highly recommend Rigos for anyone wanting to avoid the BarBri assembly line.” - Tom Noble, University of Oregon School of Law

“The Rigos program did an excellent job of making the necessary information as concise as possible and the MMO (Magic Memory Outline™) templates were a huge time saver.  I felt extremely prepared and confident when it came time to take and pass the bar exam!”  Dan Miller, Willamette University School of Law

“The Rigos course design is well thought out.  It’s not a mindless repetition or summary of the law school course content.  It is a carefully studied approach to what an applicant needs to know to pass the California exam – nothing more and nothing less.  The teaching design is also excellent.”  Michael Campbell, University of Southern California

"Great program.  Personable graders.  Thank you so much for your help!"  Jeff Briggs, Gonzaga School of Law

“I really liked the program…I felt very prepared and am very glad I picked Rigos!”  Gabe Verdugo, University of Washington School of Law
“I had a great experience with Rigos after the first disaster.  The second time I started preparing, I appreciated the method that Rigos utilizes and for the first time realized how good a course can be and prepared I was.  Also, all the students I have spoken with that took Bar Bri – even their passers - have mentioned they wish they took Rigos.”  Ben Greenberg, Boston College
“Best bar prep.  Have and will continue to recommend to anyone I know taking the bar.” Mubarak Abdus Raheem,  Lewis and Clark Law School
“Rigos Bar Exam Review gave me both an organized way to study for WA Bar and it also allowed me to measure and improve my legal knowledge and bar writing skills.  The Course was specifically organized to properly recall, supplement, and test what I learned in Law School on bar tested subjects.  I would recommend Rigos to everyone who is thinking to take bar exam.”  Karandeep S Pawar, NSU Law
“Having taken the bar prep programs offered by both Bar/Bri and Rigos, I can confidently state that the Rigos system is more concise and better organizes the substantive law with Magic Memory Outlines™ and acronyms that ease memorization, maximize retention and facilitate recall.  Furthermore, the Seamless Process™ more effectively prepares students to take and pass the bar exam than Barbri’s guaranteed success program by providing a reasonable schedule of studying, memorization, and timed essay writing, numerous simulated exam experiences and highly detailed, student-specific feedback for graded essays provide suggestions for improving writing style, cohesion, organization and analysis.”  Abbie Kite
I'm a former student of the Rigos bar study method, which I used with success to take and pass the Washington State bar exam in the summer of 2007. I've recently transferred from the firm's Seattle office to our office in Denver. I have very little time to prepare for this test and I'm finding BarBri incredibly unhelpful -- there is far too much material. There are 8 books associated with the Colorado UBE bar prep materials! It's just overkill. I am far more comfortable with the Rigos method, and know it to be efficient and focused on the information that matters; the method I found most helpful was practice tests associated with each topic within the same materials where the topic is taught-- which is something the Barbri UBE program does not seem to offer. Further, Rigos is accessible -- the fact that a real live person can be easily reached by phone to answer questions and even outline an individualized study plan is really helpful.”  Sarah Taylor  Seattle University School of Law
“It was amazing to finish each section of the exam with no surprises. There were so many panicked faces in the room, but all of my RIGOS classmates were calm and prepared. I wholeheartedly recommend this program!”   Caleb Oken-Berg, Seattle University 
“The material was spot on. I felt very prepared for the exam. The professors were awesome.”  Alicia Bettenburg, Univ. of Oregon
“What a great program!  I felt so prepared and supported by the professors and staff.” Caitlin DiMotta, Univ. of New Mexico
“Loved the course; great feedback on essays. I could not have passed without the focused study materials.”  Lisa Mikkelson, Thomas M. Cooley
“Excellent course! Rigos prepared me perfectly for the Washington Bar Exam. I would highly recommend your course to anyone interested in passing the bar exam the first time!” - Jennifer Artiss, Seattle University
“The self study course was comprehensive and concise. I felt prepared, and the acronyms were key during the pressure of the exam.”  Ron Ordell, Lewis & Clark 


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