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Live Class Format

Instructors - Over 75% of our UBE classes are taught by law school professors from the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Gonzaga University Schools of Law. This includes Janet Ainsworth, Mark Chinen, David DeWolf, Sam Donaldson, Christian Halliburton, and Karl Tegland. These professors are among the most popular in their law schools. The remaining classes are taught by experienced Washington admitted attorneys.

Class Format - Your professors lead the exciting interactive class. No socratic method or hide-the-ball techniques of law school, only a focus on the issues and black letter law that is frequently tested on the bar exam. Practice essays will be handed out at class and the answers critiqued with individual feedback. All classes are recorded and the lectures may be downloaded from the internet for reinforcement, review, to make up missed classes, or for self-study.

Personal Touch - No large lecture halls with 400 students in an auditorium. Small classes facilitate teacher-student interaction and allow relevant questions on the breaks. Questions are critical in a fast-paced review class because the topic complexity grows quickly and the student may need a question answered immediately. The professors are also available on breaks or after class, or later by phone or e-mail, to answer in-depth student questions. Grader-mentors give detailed, personalized feedback and individual tutoring is available at no extra cost. This is one of the reasons the Rigos pass rate is higher than the competitions'.

Class Schedule - Students are welcome to attend any section for review and/or reinforcement. Programs include a morning section with 3 classes per week and an evening section with 4 classes per week. There are at least ten days between the end of the course and the actual bar exam for your final study and "review of the review."

Class Administration - Our local management and ownership allows us to be committed to our students beyond the profits which monopolistic non-American publishing corporations attempt to extract from UBE students. Our administrative staff is available at every class. Our website has an electronic question and answer feature over the internet and all e-mail questions are answered timely. We monitor students' class attendance and essay scores and will e-mail or call to encourage your progress in staying with the "Seamless Process"  No other review program provides this "go the extra mile" feature for their students.

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