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Oregon Bar Review - Course Information

Details on the Oregon Bar Review Program

1.     Better Schedule Choice – In scheduling your home study calendar there are two apporaches.  First our relaxed "Early-Bird" two class a week pace produces less student anxiety and stress.  Of more import is that this allows more time for the student to create Magic Memory Outlines and master the unique MBE characteristics including tricks, nuisances, red herrings, and seductive distracters.  The multiple-choice questions are generally not too familiar to students and takes time to master beyond understanding the law.  So what we are doing is scheduling the MBE subjects for the first half of the class cycle.  The second choice of schedule is our Intensive class which offers 4 learning sessions a week over 7 weeks.  This allows students to complete their Spring exams and graduation before starting bar review.  Start early is our best advice.

2.     Better Material – Our books cover only what is covered in the Oregon exam.  We identify the issues by relative importance.  Plus we have hundreds of memory acronyms-mnemonics to help you memorize the black letter law.

3.     Binder Format – All sections of our bar texts are contained in binders.  This allows you to take them apart and spread out your text, questions, and answers.  No distraction flipping back and forth where you lose your place, leading to decreased concentration.

4.     MBE Questions – Students must work a ton of the MBE style of questions. Our Question Maps cross-reference the text to the applicable exam style question so you learn how the examiners test the law.  We have over 1,700 questions with full answer rationales that will reinforce the law and get you familiar with the question structure and tricks.  Within the chapters, the first third are "learning questions" that are designated right in the text.  They are generally easier than the actual MBE.  The final two-thirds in every chapter are as (or more) difficult than the MBE, and you will need to read all the rationales.  If you struggle with the hard ones, and you will, the actual exam itself will seem easy.

5.     Great Software – Our Magic Memory Outlines™ allow you to easily prepare very effective condensation of the black letter law which facilitates memorization.  Our “Make Your Own Exam™” software allows you to create question and answer drills to improve your timing and simulate the MBE.

6.     Essay and Performance Subjects – Halfway through the course we turn to the essay and performance subjects.  This sequence allows more time for the students to master the essay writing style with timely feedback from our grader-mentors.  We categorize all prior Oregon exam questions so you concentrate on the law the Oregon specific exam actually tests.  The online electronic essay writing program includes the Performance questions.  Our students attribute the real-time essay grading service as one of the most important reasons they passed with confidence.

7.     Aspen - Rigos Continuous Improvement – Our texts are the Aspen-Rigos 2012 edition.  Our course has a regular system of continual improvements where we take input from virtually anyone - Aspen's reviewers, our own instructors, and students (who usually produce very helpful suggestions and many of the hundreds of acronyms-mnemonics in our books) all contribute to the high quality and accuracy.  So you are working from the most current material available and any of your suggestions for improvements will be appreciated.

8.     FREE Orientation – The Free orientation class will cover everything you need to know about how to pass the exam.  The morning will be focused on the exam, how we approach it, and how you can schedule your time and prepare your own Magic Memory Outlines using our software.  The afternoon will cover question characteristics, writing style, and we will work through the Performance book which, like the MBE, is the Aspen-Emanuel 2011 edition.  You will leave the class with your first week's review assignment for criminal law and a Performance question that you will submit electronically to our grader-mentors.

9.     Recorded Lectures – All lectures are recorded and available for downloading for make-up, reinforcement, blended, or totally home-study programs.  Please contact Jim Rigos with any questions at or 800-636-0716.

10.   MPRE Free class and book so you can see why Rigos has achieved a higher pass rate than the corporate monopoly competition.

Why We Entered the Oregon Market - Why did Rigos Enter the Oregon Market in 2009? We received numerous complaints from students who took our other courses and then moved to Oregon to find their only choice was a foreign corporate monopoly that was not even offering live classes. One such student statement was as follows:

"This is a limited review of Rigos' Washington Bar Review program. They offer other professional exam prep courses, but I only took the one. Taking the Bar exam is Just No Fun. Its stressful, miserable, and a sad way to spend a summer. However, I have a renewed appreciation for Rigos' program since I am taking Oregon's bar exam this summer and using the Competition's materials.

By comparison Rigos has a far superior Bar Review course. Material is excellent, extremely well-tailored to the Washington exam and very manageable. I entered the exam feeling relaxed and prepared, and I passed with no problems. Rigos uses all past bar exams to create frequency charts of the issues tested on the Bar and then teaches you precisely what you need to know to pass.

Other Bar review programs (from my experience this summer) are not even comparatively worthy of your money or time. The materials are not tailored to the exam, learning of the materials is haphazard given their teaching structure, and you are generally just overwhelmed with resources that are entirely unnecessary. I love Rigos' course and I wish it were offered everywhere, but if you're stuck taking the bar in Washington, it is the VASTLY superior choice. Good Luck to you test takers."

Free MPRE For students who are considering our full bar review course we give a free MPRE that has 6 hours of live instruction and the new 2013 edition of the material. Try us out and you will like what you see.

The Oregon bar exam is weighted 50% each day as follows:

  • Tuesday - Two 90-minute Multistate Performance questions, one 35-minute Oregon essay, and 5 NCBE 30-minute questions.
  • Wednesday - 200 multiple-choice Multistate questions (MBE) over two 3-hour sets.
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