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Rigos Seamless Process - Oregon Home Study Ingredients




·       Absorb the Orientation lecture, Writing, and Performance workshops.  Pay particular attention to this planning session.*


·       Before your Home Study Learning Session, preview the subjects to be covered, especially those you didn’t have in law school or otherwise want more foundation in before the detailed learning session.


·       Listen carefully to all of the internet substantive lectures.*


·       Summarize the text and complete your Magic Memory Outlines® by using the Rigos Word templates on the CD-ROM.  Doing these well is extremely important to your success on the bar exam.


·       Work all our MBE questions and use the “Make Your Own Exam®” feature to create mixed subject question drills.


·       Memorize your Magic Memory Outlines® and Acronym-Mnemonics.


·       Practice our MBE Secret Weapon® Technique to blast the MBE.


·       Write all of the assigned individually critiqued and graded essay and performance questions.  Electronically submit your answers for grader/tutor evaluation within a week of assignment.*


·       Take all four practice exam sets.*


·       Attend and/or listen to our final review cram class or highlighter DVDs and make a bona fide best effort on your Bar Exam.*


The above steps are a summary and Mr. Rigos spends two hours on the details during the orientation session.


*These five requirements are recorded and used as a basis for our "Seamless Process" pass reporting percentage figure.


The whole of the Seamless process is greater than the sum of the parts; therefore, we advise students to take our course only if they can commit to a 100% effort.

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